Waltzing through the shadowy realm where light and dark meet...Delmhorst has become a favorite among music fans who like to be challenged as well as entertained."


This is a remarkable album...as seamless and brave as it is brilliantly creative."



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Kris Delmhorst is a singer-songwriter who is a part of the vibrant Boston music scene. She has released many solo albums and sometimes performs and records with Peter Mulvey, and her husband, Jeffrey Foucault. In 2003, they released an album entitled Redbird and they just released a recording of one of their lives shows called Redbird Live at the Cafe Carpe.

The first song of Kris’ that I fell in love with was Hummingbird.

Here in the dark, I won’t even make a spark
You’re the only one who’s never seen
The way I can light up in shades of gold and green
I’m just a little firefly, I want to shine for you but I’m too shy
So when you come around I hide my light
But when you go away I shine for you all night

Kris has an upbeat adaption of the Rumi poem which is called Everything Is Music. The lines of this poem are frequently quoted in song, but I love the whole vibe of this version. web design history Fun.

In her most recent recording, she ranges into the area between indie-rock and folk. Her music is adventurous, elegant, lucid, and haunting.
I am very drawn to her sound these days and I really love her song, If Not for Love.

We blow like weeds upon the wind, we hold the ground, we drink the rain.
We throw our seeds into the world before we go the way we came.
If not for love what are you for? 

If there was only time enough for one last look, what would you see?
If there was only breath enough for one more word, what would it be?
If not for love what are you for?

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