Palpable intimacy and passion...an outstanding writer"


Eberhardt sings with passion and with wit”




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The following quote was a little too long to put up above, but it sums up what I love about Cliff Eberhardt’s music.

“Up and down the line, as a writer, guitarist, performer, and vocalist, Eberhardt is the equal of any singer-songwriter in contemporary pop. With unequaled directness and with a stark, raw presentation, he carves out miniature masterpieces, giving voice to life’s complexities and ambiguities.”
—Berkshire Eagle

Don’t dare miss the first song in the player, which Cliff sings with Richie Havens. It’s an amazing song and an amazing duet. Actually, don’t miss any of the songs in the player. You will want to hear more, I promise.

Cliff recently released an album that was recorded at Blue Rock Studios in Texas, and the first two videos are from his CD release there. These videos are a rarity in the YouTube music world because they are beautifully produced and have great sound.

The first is of a great song called I Love Money, which will make you laugh. The 2nd one contains snippets from the entire concert, which makes it a great overview of Cliff’s music and his wonderful voice and guitar playing.

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I Love Money

New CD (500 Miles) Release at Blue Rock Studio

Have a Little Heart

4 responses to “10/1/11 – CLIFF EBERHARDT”

  1. Cliff was our very first opening player at the original Moonlight in 2003— we’ve had him return twice, once at the new place. He’s hands-down one of the very best in the
    genre, in fact has defined it somewhat since he got noticed twenty-somethin’ years ago— always a sparkling headliner, his voice is unmistakable, guitar work spot on, lyrics piercing, timing impeccable. Tie his hands behind his back, he could still make his way as a standup comedian– I can’t pick any three of his songs as my favorites, it would have to be twelve, maybe fifteen of ’em…. good spotlight, Mae, I hope we get to see him again soon!

  2. Lisa Stevens says:

    Cliff is one of my favorites. I listen to him when I need to get choked up by music instead of other things going on in my life, when I need to smile, when I need to wail, when I am traveling. His music is my kind of soul music, touches the core, soothes the heart, and makes the brain take notice and work. Thank you, Mae.

  3. Dean Driver says:

    Thank you for posting this excellent tribute to Cliff’s career. I’ve loved his music since I first heard him interviewed on NPR back in the 1990s — he’s a rare talent with a unique set of gifts. I’ve attended more than 20 of his shows over the years, and he never fails to amaze me with his raw, intimate delivery and his well-crafted songs. He’ll be appearing Friday, Oct 14 at Doodad Farm in Greensboro, NC. I can’t wait!

  4. David Finley says:

    Hey Mae – It’s funny that you are highlighting Cliff – I just
    got back from a short trip to Pa with 4 great nights of music. On Sat I saw Cliff at Burlap & Bean – a little coffee house. I have known Cliff for many years after discovering
    him at Newport Folk Fest in the 80’s. He is flying into B’ham this Fri and driving to Auburn for a show at Sundilla on Sat. It was a great show as always and I got my smile and a big hug! Thanks Mae!!

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